turns any smartphone into a virtual cinema to view Videos, Photos, Games & Apps in 2D, 3D, 360°, VR & AR.


1. 1000+ VR apps

The Virtual Vizor® works with Google® Cardboard apps.

2. Foldable, light & comfy

The Virtual Vizor® (patent pending) is just a foldable holder with lenses, mountable on a baseball cap.

3. Less is more

The Virtual Vizor® is very light (<150g) & small since it only uses few & light materials. Thus also no more overheating or fogged lenses :-)

4. Comfy

The baseball cap tricks gravity by spreading the device’s weight to the back of your head. No more pressure on your face :-)

5. Foldable

Fold the Virtual Vizor® to 11mm for easy carrying & storing.

6. Without cap

Use the Virtual Vizor® without the cap as a handheld device or attach it to any other cap (with flat vizor).

7. Multi-purpose hood

Pull the removable hood over the phone for shading or pull it over the back of your head to spread the weight.

8. Demo Video

Inventor & CEO Dr. Can Ansay presents the Virtual Vizor® in mobile 3D.

9. Virtual Vizor®39mm

The version with 39mm focal length has ~100° FOV (ideal for apps with headtracking) and is smaller & lighter than the 63mm version.

10. Virtual Vizor® 63mm

The version with 63mm focal length has only ~70° FOV, but better image quality, full screen visibility & less risk of nausea/eyestrain than the 39mm version (ideal for videos/photos & kids).

11. MAX 3D movies

3D movies "made for IMAX 3D theatres" for VR glasses on request.

12. Adjust lenses

Adjust distance between the 2 lenses to suit all apps and distances between the eyes (also kids).

13. Multi-purpose elastic band

The light elastic band automatically unfolds the device and attaches any smartphone in any size simply, fast & firmly.

14. Soft headband

Replaceable terry cloth headband for more comfort & hygiene.

15. Touchscreen usable

Thus no magnet switch needed, since tap on display simulates it.

16. Over the glasses

Adjust distance between lenses & eyes to wear the VirtualVizor® over regular glasses.

17. Made in Germany

Design & 3D-print prototyping made in Germany by V3 Engineering & Daniel Klimek.