Virtual Vizor® 63mm

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The version with 63mm focal length (ideal for videos/photos & kids) has only ~70° FOV, but better image quality, full screen visibility & less risk of nausea/eyestrain than the 39mm version.

Buy the separately sold Virtual Vizor® Baseball Cap too to mount the Virtual Vizor® VR-glasses or just use them without a cap as a handheld device (like "Cardboard") or attach them to any other baseball cap with a flat vizor (rail, screws & headband included).

Following smartphones need a case which surrounds the side-buttons (or need to be moved a bite sideways) or else the holder will unintentionally press them: Nexus 6P, Galaxy S4.

Watch the stunning 3D video with Cardboard (with YouTube App in HD) - the amazing new way of mobile shopping!

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