Gear VR Adapter

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…attaches your Gear VR to any baseball cap for increased comfort, hygiene & FOV! Only compatible with the last white Gear VR model (SM-R322) of 20.11.2015 and later models.

Just lock the Adapter to the top of the Gear VR & attach the Adapter to our VR Baseball Cap or to any other cap with our VR Cap-Clip (sold separately).

Adjust the distance to your eyes to wear the Gear VR “over the glasses” (OTG).

Use the horizontal Gear VR headstrap for more stability. Remove the Gear VR pad to increase FOV. No more foggy lenses, pressure on your face & dirty pads.

Watch the stunning 3D video with your Cardboard (with YouTube App in HD) - the amazing new way of mobile shopping!

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